Millennial Spotlight – RNC TV Director Carolina Hurley

I decided to continue my millennial spotlight series with a woman who I’m blessed to know and consider a close friend, Miss Carolina Hurley.


Carolina Hurley is the wonderfully loud and opinionated Director of Television for the Republican National Committee. Previously, she was the National Communication Director for the College Republican National Committee. Did I mention she just turned 24?

She was recently featured in Elle Magazine (!!!) with the amazing CRNC Executive Director Alex Smith in an article titled: “Not With Her, But Not With Him: The Women of the *New* GOP” I recommend you check it out!

I think the best piece of advice you can take from this interview is that she has a personal board of advisors. I think many of you are rising into the professional world and an inner circle like this seems like a smart idea. I definitely want one! (Hey Carol, want to be on mine?!)

I have a feeling Carolina has an even more impressive future ahead of her…so I figured I’d get an interview before she hits it big:

JJ: What was your college major?
CH: Double major in Political Science and Communications from Christopher Newport University

JJ: Any fun family information?
CH: I’m half Colombian. My mom immigrated to this country when she was 18 and her entire family now lives in Miami – great perk for me.

JJ: Who do you look up to? Who are your political inspirations?
CH: Besides the always obvious answer that I look up to my mom, there’s a ton of people that have impacted my life in inspirational ways. I have a personal board of advisors that help me make my career/personal decisions. People on the board range from people in my sorority to a former Senator.

JJ: What’s your favorite place in DC?
CH: The Capitol Rotunda. As cheesy as it sounds, it never fails to remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing and humbles me. As a former Hill-tern, it brings me a lot of nostalgia too when I remember old fun facts about the paintings/portraits.

JJ: Favorite restaurant/bar in DC?
CH: Restaurant? Filomena, for sure. Bar? Handsome Cock and The Brixton on U Street.

JJ: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
CH: Running the world. Or maybe I’ll just start running in general

JJ: What do you think is the biggest issue in politics right now?
CH: Though I’m seriously passionate about gun rights and upholding the 2nd Amendment, the biggest issue is the federal deficit. Anyone who can look at a 20 trillion dollar debt and NOT think that that’s a huge issue needs to re-evaluate their priorities.

JJ: What are Hurley Happy Hours and how can people be invited?
CH: Hurley Happy Hours (HHH) are quarterly networking happy hours that I host with my immediate group of friends/professional contacts. I will usually invite 25-30 people and each of those people has to bring one person that I haven’t met before. I also bring a “special guest” to host the happy hour with me who shares their personal story of how they made it in DC and bestows any advice they have for up-and-coming DCers. There’s always a special drink named after me and my guest and most of the tab is comped. To get invited, just ask! As long as you’re willing to be social, have a good time and network, I want you to be there.

JJ: Does CRNC have any big plans for the fall?
CH: Absolutely. I’m not sure what exactly I can share about it right now but our field program is going to rock your world (and Hillary Clinton’s).

JJ: Message to millennials?
CH: JUST. VOTE. People all around the world die every single day for the right to have their voice heard within their governments. Don’t throw your power away because you “forgot” to register. Seriously, I’d rather have you vote for Hillary than not vote at all (but I’d like to have a serious talk with you about that first).

JJ: What have you been up?
CH: I recently was on a panel with 5 other women at Politicon in Los Angeles. The name of the panel was called “Fusion Presents: Change the Election, Change the World.” It was all about our different experiences as women in a game that for so long has been dominated by men. I was the only conservatives on the panel (and maybe one of the only ones in the room, for that matter), but it was absolutely incredible. I got to share the stage with a Black Lives Matter organizer, Bernie Sanders’ former press secretary, Allison Lundergan Grimes and a comedian from Comedy Central. How cool is that!

You can follow Carolina on Twitter @noitscaroleena (and yes, that’s how you pronounce her name!!)

Carolina, thanks so much for letting me interview you and even more for being such an inspiration for young conservative women everywhere! 

xoxo, Jessica

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