The Internal Struggle of Being a Republican in 2016

The other day my mom made a very insightful comment about the 2016 election: “We don’t know what a Trump presidency would look like, but we know exactly how a Clinton presidency would.”

I think this statement describes the very crux of the election and the cause of so much heartburn for Republicans.

A Clinton presidency would be corrupt. The already rampant collusion between departments would be maintained. The Constitution would be tossed out the window by her liberal Supreme Court nominees. Over 300 economists said her policies do not work and that Clinton’s economic agenda is wrong for the nation.

Despite these statements, I’m criticized by many people in my life for not “denouncing” Donald Trump. I sharply disagree and was disgusted by the comments he made in that video. I wish on a daily basis John Kasich or Marco Rubio was our nominee. And while Donald Trump’s campaign does not fully resonate with me and my values, I understand how his message reached those who feel ignored by our political system. So many people feel left behind and they believe Donald Trump will remember them and make their lives “great again.” I don’t blame them.

So while I do not actively support Trump’s campaign, I actively support the Republican Party. I support the very Republican economic policies put forth by our nominee. I believe wholeheartedly in the ideas of limited government, open education, an open economy, freedom of speech, conservative budgeting, and common-sense regulations. Maybe now my critics will understand my dilemma. I cannot support a candidate like Hillary Clinton, as we have vehemently opposing political ideas.

So yes, Donald Trump makes my life incredibly difficult when he goes on a tweeting rampage about ridiculous and fickle things. I cannot and will not defend his scandalous actions. Even as I write this, I know I’m still struggling with the idea of actually casting a vote for him, and I know the possibility of leaving that spot on the ballot blank is very real. I hate being associated with the comments he has made. But at the end of the day, the political and economic ideas I hold most dear, seem to appear in Donald Trump’s speeches but never in Hillary Clinton’s.

As my mom sees it, because Trump does not have a political background, many don’t know what his presidency may entail or how he may act in this arena, but you can look at the failed political history of Hillary Clinton. I thought this was a simple, yet insightful, look into the 2016 election and helps to understand the internal strife many Republicans are going through, the uncertainty of Trump versus the certain corruption of Clinton. It’s tough to be a Republican right now, but I have faith we’ll get through this bumpy ride.





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