International Women’s Day / Right2Speak

“Women were created equally, but not identically”

Today I had a wonderful experience to attend a Right2Speak lunch! Right2Speak is a new movement that seeks to give a home to the voices of women who feel marginalized by the far-left’s claim on “women’s issues.”

Today is also International Women’s Day and the same group who organized the Women’s March on Washington in January coined today “A Day Without Women” and encouraged women to not go to work…I could go on for ages about how silly I find this argument but I don’t have the time nor patience to talk about it at the current moment. I’d rather talk about my own positive experience today!

Today’s lunch was focused on how strong women SHOW UP and participate. The majority of women in attendance were county chairs and members of the Ohio Federation of Republican Women but there were also a few of us representing the Young Republican Women of Columbus! It was a really great turnout for an event that came together in a relatively short time period!

I don’t get many opportunity to hang out with strong and proud Republican women, so I always love occasions like this! After we enjoyed delicious salad and spaghetti, we broke into groups to brainstorm our message to American women and our message to our elected representatives if we had the chance to reach them all!

My message to American women was: Showing up is more powerful than staying home and if I spoke to our elected officials I would want them to know all issues are women’s issues.

During our brainstorming we discussed how we thought that doing our job and doing it well was more than sufficient to be seen as equal. We didn’t need to throw a tantrum and not go to work. We understood that needing constant recognition is a trait of our millennial cohort, but that people need to make up their minds on if they want to be equal or if they want special treatment!! It’s exhausting trying to keep up!

Many of the women in attendance were older and it was really interesting to hear their perspectives. So many of them lived through times when women actually fought for their Constitutional rights and they think what women complain about today is just plain silly. It was funny to hear how many of their families were like mine with mottos like “Buck up,” “Get over it,” and my family favorite “Life’s not fair and then you die.” We weren’t raised to be complainers, we were raised to be hardworking and roll with life’s punches as they come. I think it’s a genuine difference between us and those who Marched on Washington. We don’t expect anything to be given to us, or look for recognition we don’t need or want. We just wake up every day and do our job in this world to the best of our capabilities.

The quote from the top of this post was from one of the women at the lunch and I thought it was really insightful, “Women were created equally, but not identically”

In 2014, there were 125.9 MILLION women living in the USA. This is just a reminder that while all 125.9 million women have the same anatomy, they do not think identically or want to be categorized as one large group. We are different, we are proud and we are strong. Is it so difficult to respect the views of other women no matter how much you might disagree? Talk to someone on the other side and try to understand their perspective! Take time today to learn about you fellow woman, not judge them because they’re different than you. If you really want to “empower” all women, you should start by accepting all women’s point of views.

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